by Hello Doug

The Clown Police

Intro Sequence!

The Clown Police

The Clown Police look

The Clown Police

(They Blow Bubble)

(They Clown)

(They Skip More)

(They Pretend)

(They Perform)

Meet Weenie & Sasquatch. Two Italian police patrolling the streets of the North Shore, finding people to entertain, skip with, blow bubbles with, and clown around. 

We created the “The Clown Police” so Weenie & Sasquatch could apply for local performance jobs. 

Concept, Design and Performance by Angela Fouhy & Samuel Austin.

Filmed, Edited and Produced by Doug Coker Grant.

Shabbat Shalom and Thank You For Coming



Table Service


Breaking the Bread

Breaking the Bread #2



Clown ready



Thank you for coming!

Shabbat Shalom and Thank You For Coming: The Co-Lab Edition 

Presented by Positive Deviance Theatre Company with support from The Basement Theatre and Creative New Zealand.

Tonight isn’t the least bit traditional, but we will do a few
classic Shabbat things like light a candle, break some bread, drink
some wine, watch the sunset, tell some
stories and drink some more wine. 

There will be surprises.

There will dancing.

Thank you for taking a seat at our table.

Concept, direction and performance by Freya Finch.

Created and performed by the cast: Doug Coker Grant,
Vida Gibson, Bronwyn Ensor, Mirabai Pease, Elle
Wootton, Angela Fouhy and Murdoch Keane.

Musical direction and sound design: Tom Dennison
and the band:

Production: Doug Coker Grant and The Basement Theatre;
Sara Shirazi and Gabrielle Vincent. 

Photography: Two One One Three Creatives.

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